Look what's in your garden"I like to paint without notions that blind thoughts to one style. My paintings are open to create without preconceived outcome. This opens up an exciting dialogue for new, constant movement of dynamic imagery. An evolution occurs from combining all inspirations of imagery, movement to music, processing dichotomies and all that exists, painting without judgment or expectation that cages authentic expression.

As the spirit of my abstract paintings reveal themselves to me I feel as if I am skating over the canvas to music using long compassionate strokes. Growing up as a competitive ice skater I savored the feeling of gracefully interpreting music while gliding, jumping, spinning and dancing on ice. Designs of different shapes and sizes were formed as a result of my relationship with the cold,crystal surface.

On canvas and other chosen materials my process continues. I am compelled to intertwine lines weaving in and out of windows revealing multiple patterns. The surface of much of my work is comprised of several layers of imagery. The ground preparation is intuitively and aggressively thrown on the canvas with various sizes of textures, brush strokes, or several different types of material application. Sometimes I simultaneously grind charcoal, pastels, graphite or posca combining painting and writing. This achieves visual effects of highlighted textures with darks and lights playing off random backgrounds of patterns to allow exploration into imagery and promising accidents that invite unplanned but chosen harmonies. In this complex layering, it is unknown how many patterns will be laid down as one move initiates another. The power of this improvisation yields a stating and restating that evolves into the coming and going of imagery each a new perceptual result. As several consecutive layers are in progress various shapes may be separated and united by lines both appearing and disappearing simultaneously as if coexisting in a parallel universe one we can touch and perhaps one we can only sense.

The figurative or face images in my earlier works created a clarification or re- clarification of significant aspects that are definable images. I believe the outstanding qualities translate to reality. My need is to understand the repurpose and what ingredients I have to use to translate into something tangible. These ingredients are not planned or contrived they just are."

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